If it blooms, it will fall, if it doesn't bloom, I'll miss the mountain cherry blossoms. I wonder if it's a flower that I can't remember (Nakatsukasa)

Do you know today's poet, Nakatsukasa? Although he was not included in the Hyakunin Isshu list, he was selected as one of the Thirty-Six Poems, and is a talented poet with more than 60 poems included in the Imperial Collection. Her style of singing is in no way inferior to her mother, ``Ise'', who is known as Onna Tsuroyuki, and gives off an orthodox ancient and modern tone. Her collection of poems, ``Nakamatsushu,'' is as complete as a mini collection of ancient and modern waka poems, and her cold-hearted, perfectionist nature is evident in everything from the style of each poem to the arrangement of the poems.
But today's song is different. ``If it blooms, it will fall, but if it doesn't bloom, I'll miss it.'' Facing the dilemma, I can't hide my agitation. Of particular note is ``Hana no Ue'', which has such delicate and symbolic nuances that are completely absent from the ancient and modern styles. The lyrics say, ``When I was able to leave my children behind and attend the service, I secluded myself in Higashiyama.'' Indeed, this was a dirge. It was a song about the emptiness of life, of a mother who was left alone and swayed by a single cherry blossom, not knowing when it would disappear.

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