Introduction of Katsuhiro Uchida

Walking the path of song with joy and purity

Hello, my name is Katsuhiro Uchida, also known as Waka DJ Uchi, and I am a waka poet. I have been a waka poet for more than 20 years, and I have been struggling to present new classical waka poetry to the modern world.

I was raised in Shimane Prefecture, a sacred place for waka poetry, which is closely related to Susano-no-mikoto, Kakimoto-no-maro, and Go-Toba-in. I studied Japanese art at university, and at one time, I devoted myself to maki-e, a traditional craft, under Shomiki Matsuda, a maki-e artist. As I followed the Rimpa school of art, I was inspired by Ise and the Tale of Genji, and realized that the origin of “Mono no Aware”, which is recognized as Japanese beauty, can be found in “waka”, especially in the Kokin Wakashu (Anthology of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry). Incidentally, I earn my living as a freelance web director.

What I would like to say most is that I do not regard classical waka poetry merely as an object of appreciation or education, but as a literary art (composing and writing) that can be lived in the new era of 2025, and that I am working to create, share, and teach waka poetry.

I invite everyone to become familiar with waka poetry, the source of Japanese culture and the heart of the Japanese people, and enjoy the elegance of the writers and artists.


What is “Reiwa Waka Dokoro”?

Brief History of Activities

  • 和歌と古典を遊びつくす「平成和歌所」開所
  • 上野の着物屋で「百人一首とかな習字」講座開始
  • 「ラジオ和歌マニア」配信開始

Heroic performance in NHK’s “Choice of Heroes (Hyakunin Isshu)”.
Waka DJ who speaks something
Grateful to talk about waka poetry in tanka magazines

Works by Katsuhiro Uchid


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