[The Tale of Hyakunin Isshu] No. 43: “If you meet and see something and then fall into your heart, you will no longer think about what happened in the past” (Gon Chunagon Atsutada)

No. 43: “If you meet and see something and then fall into your heart, you will no longer think about what happened in the past.” (Gon Chunagon Atsutada)

If there was a host in the Heian period, he is definitely number one. Hikaru Genji? Narihira Ariwara, also known as the old man? No, that's not true, it's Fujiwara Atsutada.

Atsutada was the third son of Tokihira, an elite who rose to the rank of Gon Chunagon, a handsome man, and a master of poetry and orchestration. The woman involved said that just by looking at the collection of poems ``Atsutadashu,'' distinguished guests such as Saiku (Prince Princess Masako) and Gorinden (Fujiwara Akiko) thought of Ise as ``Gosenshu,'' ``Shuishu,'' and ``Yamato Monogatari.'' , Nakatsukasa, Ukon, and other famous wives of the time, you could count them on both hands.

Why were you so popular? Atsutada was an upper class aristocrat, but his father, Tokihira, died when he was about to attain the rank of retainer (it was rumored that this was the curse of Michizane Sugawara, who had been demoted to Dazaifu). , the direct line of the Fujiwara Kita family flowed into the family line of Tokihira's younger brother Tadahira, and the Tokihira clan fell to a sideline. In fact, Hikaru Genji, Narihira, and Atsutada, who represent the playboys of the Heian period, were also noblemen from the "fringe" school. On the other hand, it was the path of love that allowed the nobleman, who had no hope of promotion, to escape. His passion for love was completely different from that of ordinary aristocrats.

So why is Atsutada number one? When Hikaru Genji and Narihira could not get the woman he wanted, he sometimes resorted to forceful measures, and this was partly because his ``songs'' for seducing women were not good enough. Atsutada was definitely different in this respect, and his love songs were outstanding.
Although most men sang love songs in a stylized manner, Atsutada's songs were sincere, and he was able to convey his true feelings and feelings without relying on technique. This is probably reflected in this Hyakunin Isshu poem.
"When I met you, I knew what love was for the first time." When someone says something like this... Even I, an old man, get excited ♡ 

(Written by Uchida Engaku, a poet)

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