[The Story of Hyakunin Isshu] No. 44: “If we don't meet each other constantly, it's easy to resent people and ourselves.” (Chunagon Tomotada)

No. 44: “If we don't meet each other all the time, it's easy to resent people and ourselves.” (Chunagon Tomotada)

As his name suggests, Tomotada was ``Chunagon,'' and he was quite a powerful figure. My father was No. 25, Sanjo Udaijin Sadakata, so I see that in this world, lineage is what matters.

Well, the song is about ``Koi'' again, but in fact, this song was performed at the ``Tentoku Dairi Utaai'' that I introduced earlier. In fact, Asada appears in the first row on the left of the main poem. What do you mean? In other words, he was the greatest of these guys. Incidentally, if we look back at the wins and losses of this Utaai, Kanemori Taira, number 40, had 4 wins, 5 losses, and 2 ties, and Tadami, number 40, had 1 win, 2 losses, and 1 draw, while Tomotada had a whopping 6 wins. It was an outstanding result with one loss. Well, as expected of Sadakata's son! I would like to say that he has even inherited his sense of elegance, but this is a technique that can be achieved by An's ``Sondan''. That's why I find the episode that I introduced earlier, ``Tadami died of anger after losing the Utaai'', a bit of a joke.

However, I would like to add that although Tomotada's song was written under the title ``Shukukoi'', it does not have the so-called ``title odor'' and is not a bad song.

(Written by Uchida Engaku, a poet)

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