[The Story of Hyakunin Isshu] No. 48: “I wonder if it’s time to think about the unique nature of the rocks and the waves that hurt the wind” (Shigeyuki Minamoto)

No. 48: “I wonder if it’s time to think about the fragile nature of the rocks and waves that hurt the wind” (Shigeyuki Minamoto)

Shigeyuki Minamoto is a master of landscape poetry. It is no exaggeration to say that his style of poetry could be compared to that of the Yamabe Akajin of the Heian period, and his poems often capture the spacious and friendly scenery that was rare in this era. I believe that he was unlucky as a government official, but he seems to have had little interest in the worldly things, so he surrounded himself with elegance such as Fujiwara Sari in Kyushu and Fujiwara Sanekata in Mutsu, and made his way in the world as a literary figure. He was a person who enjoyed himself.

Hyakunin Isshu Uta is one of the 100 poems that Reizeiin offered when he was the Spring Palace (by the way, Shigeyuki's ``Shigeyuki Hyakushu'' is said to be the oldest example of ``Hyakushu Uta,'' which flourished thereafter). The title is ``Koi,'' and as you can see, it's a song about heartbreak, a big heartbreak. As I introduced earlier, Shigeyuki was good at landscape songs, so what would happen if someone like that sang about heartbreak? ``My heart is falling apart like waves crashing against a rock...'', isn't that a bit of an exaggeration? I can't help but remember the opening of Toei. In that case, the third red man's Mt. Fuji is "Shochiku", it's not a big deal, but...

Of course I know what you mean, I was devastated. but! PreviousNumber 46, Yoshitada SoneOnce you know Shigeyuki's outstanding ``prologue,'' Shigeyuki's words don't really make sense to you. Well, I guess it's just that I, as an old man, can't relate to it, but for the girls on the receiving end, it's a big deal.

(Written by Uchida Engaku, a poet)

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