Ariake Suma no Seki's moon is not in the sky and is zigzag, but it is also sad (Fujiwara Toshinari)

Can you imagine what it looks like when you hear the word "plover"? If you are having trouble searching online, you will always find a certain comedian on the front page. On a side note, plovers are small migratory birds that mainly live on beaches, but in fact, as the name suggests, poets understand that ``thousand'', or birds that gather together in large numbers, are ``plovers''. Ta. Chidori also appeared in the Manyoshu in ancient times, and many poems are based on its body. Now, today's song is about the plover wandering in the Ariake sky and the falling moonlight, ``Ah, are you sad too...''. Toshinari calls this fragrant emotion, which he imagines overlaid on the landscape, ``yūgen.''

(One poem that turns every day)

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