[New course] Learn “How to live a rich life” from the words of a famous monk

We took advantage of this opportunity to plan a new course. The title is ``Learn how to live a rich life from the words of famous monks.'' While reading texts written by famous ancient monks and holding workshops, you will uncover the universal joys and pains of life and apply them to your own life.

The teaching materials include ``Tsurezuregusa'' by the monk Kaneyoshi, ``Hojoki'' by Kamochoaki, and great classic works that have been cherished and read by Japanese people throughout the ages, such as ``Toniisho,'' which contains the words of Shinran Shonin. I will take up. These works explain the deep insights and philosophical teachings that the monks gained through their training and meditation, and they teach us today the essence of human nature, the joys of life, and the essence of suffering. It will provide you with clues.

Take this opportunity to face yourself, connect the wisdom of your predecessors with your own life, and pursue inner growth and a fulfilling life.


・Third Tuesday of every month 15:00-16:00 *Trial lessons are held in September and start in October.
・Venue: Ogasawara Gakuen (5-10-28 Zushi, Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

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Learn the basics of waka poetry and try reciting it!

We are holding a "Utajuku" with the goal of learning from representative classical works and being able to compose traditional "Waka" on an individual basis!