[The Story of Hyakunin Isshu] No. 54: “If you do not forget until the end, today is the last day you can live.” (Gido Sanshibo)

No. 54: “If you do not forget until the end, today is the last day you can live.” (Gido Sanshibo)

It's also a love song, and it's also someone's mother's song. Gido Sanji is the Chinese name of a junior minister, and his name is ``Fujiwara Ishu.'' How could you read ``Ishu''? The correct answer is "Korechika". By the way, Prince Kentoku said,Itami (this is it)”, remember?

So Sanshi Gidou's mother is Fujiwara Ishu's mother, but she also has the name ``Takako Takashina.'' The reason why Michitsuna's mother does not have a name but Gidou Sanshi's mother has one is probably related to the ``greatness of her father.'' Michitsuna's mother's father, Fujiwara no Michinne, seems to have been a lower rank of Sho4, while Gidou Sanshi's father, Shigetada Takashina, was a court noble and rank of Junior Second Rank. By the way, Gido Sanshimo's husband, Michitaka, is the eldest son of Michitsuna's mother's husband, Fujiwara Kaneie. This is getting a bit complicated, so let's leave it at that for now.

Therefore, Gidong Sanshibo should have been promised a peaceful life, but that was not to be. After the death of his great father Kaneie, Michitaka inherited the power and became Kanpaku. Things were going well so far, but just five years later, he fell ill. Just when Shikaraba, his son Ishu, and the Takaie brothers were about to rise to prominence, they lost the political battle to their strong-willed uncle, and Michitaka's family line, the Nakakanpaku family, fell into ruin. By the way, this "strong uncle" is none other than the King of Heian, Fujiwara no Michinaga.

That being said, Gido Sanshimo's songs give me a sense of destiny. The lyrics say, ``Hisome, the middle Kanpaku (Michitaka), will be happy,'' and at a time when she would normally be feeling a great deal of happiness, she feels nothing but anxiety about the future.

In fact, there is a story that the ``Takashina clan'' of Gido Sanshibo is a family that is burdened with sin. Do you know the 69th chapter of ``The Tales of Ise''? Here, Narihira, also known as Mukao, has an affair with ``Prince Kyoko''. In fact, there is a legend that Mineo, a powerful man during the Takashina clan, served Imperial Princess Kyoko and adopted the offspring of Narihira and Imperial Princess Kyoko to succeed him. It is said that Michinaga mentioned earlier cited this old story to prevent Michitaka and Teiko, the daughter of Gido Sanshibo, from ascending to the throne, and Imperial Prince Atsuyasu, the son of Emperor Ichijo. Takako Takashina's underlying anxiety may have originated from this story. However, Narihira's play with fire left a terrible spark for future generations.

(Written by Uchida Engaku, a poet)

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