Déjà Vu The Tale of Genji ~Hikaru Kimi of Ancient and Modern Love Songs~ Part 20 “Forbidden Aise”

633 “When you are in love with your secrets, please give me the moon from the foothills” (Tsurayuki)
634 ``Love is rare, and Aizaka's snow-capped birds are nakasu and aranam'' (Yomito Shirasu)

Forbidden love that started running frighteningly

That person is my brother's fiance

So what do you say?

A love that once met

Who can stop it?

This is like the moon coming out from the edge of a mountain.

A natural progression

We won't be able to meet for many nights anyway.

Aisaka's Yufutsuke Tori

Please don't cry tonight

(Written by Uchida Engaku, a poet)
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