There is no trace of the bamboo in Sueno, the snow is broken, and the people are gone (Fujiwara Sadaie)

``Smoke is rising from a place on the edge of a field covered with snow-covered bamboo, where there are no traces of anyone walking. Ah, there are people living even in remote places like that.'' This is a song about the elegance of a hermit, which is unusual for Teika, but the song is based on the lewdness of the man himself, who is a Tokyoite and looks at the hermit's life with curiosity. However, if you live in the capital, the hermit who was mentioned in the poem must have lived in a leisurely manner, and even if no one came, he would still live.

``My hermitage is a world where only the capital lives, where mountains and people live.'' (Kisen Hoshi)

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