Waka Classes

The essence of the poetry school (waka poetry class) at 2021 Waka Poetry School is to enjoy “once-in-a-lifetime encounters,” which is the true essence of waka poetry. We are here to enjoy the blooming of literary art with our friends whom we have met at this very moment, in accordance with the four seasons. If you have any interest in waka poetry or Japanese culture, please feel free to join us.

Poetry School for Waka Poetry (online)

The “Poetry School” of the 2021 Waka Sho is the only modern poetry school where students can learn from representative classical works and learn to compose traditional waka poems.
The students will learn the basic “kata” of classical waka poetry, relying on the Yatsushiroshu as a teacher of the predecessors. They also learn to enjoy the elegance of nature from time to time with their whole hearts and souls. Not only waka poets, but also those who are driven by a thirst to feel Japanese culture and the seasons more deeply as Japanese people are welcome to join this study.

Poetry School for Waka Poetry (Online)

Reiwa’s Enjoy! Hyakunin Isshu feat. Waka DJ Uchi” at ○Gakuen (Marugakuen)

We invite you to the wonderful and interesting world of waka poetry in a lively atmosphere with everyone at Marugakuen. Held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month from 20:45 to 21:45!

Marugakuen is a virtual school that connects people from all over the world to enjoy life by experiencing different cultures in a relaxed atmosphere. For inquiries and applications, please visit the Marugakuen website.

Reiwa’s Enjoy! Hyakunin Isshu feat. Waka DJ Uchi” at ○Gakuen (Marugakuen)

Hyakunin Isshu and Brush Play” (Ogasawara Gakuen/Zushi, Kamakura)

Enjoy introduction of seasonal waka poems from the Manyoshu (Anthology of Myriad Leaves) and Kokin Wakashu (Anthology of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry). The purpose of this class is to enrich daily sensibilities by learning about traditional Japanese word play and aesthetics. In addition, we challenge you to write waka poems in kana using a small brush! We hope you will enjoy waka more by expressing your favorite poem rather than writing it well.

Let’s Enjoy Japanese Poetry! 〜Hyakunin Isshu and Brush Playing” (Ogasawara Gakuen/Zushi, Kamakura)