[Waka Mania (23rd)] Songs to accompany farewells and departures

March is the season of farewells and departures! So, I would like to introduce the songs ``Riebetsu'' and ``Entabi'' from the Kokinshu. Rocco is deeply moved by the Heian poet's famous farewell song! ! Why not write a waka poem for your message?

♪Waka that was introduced on the broadcast
370 “Kaheruyama is here, but Haruka, if we part, I’ll miss you” (Norisada)
371 “After the white clouds of the white clouds rise, I feel so much better” (Norisada)
386 “If we stand together in the autumn mist, we will never be able to say goodbye, and we will love each other” (Motonori Taira)
410 “Dragon robes are warm and warm, and if you have something to eat, it’s warm and warm, and you think about traveling” (Narihira Ariwara)
411 “My name is Nishiohababa, and in case of an emergency, Miyakodori is the person I think of.” (Narihira Ariwara)
418 “Kari-kashi: At the end of Tanabata, at the inn, on the Milky Way, I will walk” (Narihira Ariwara)
365 “Standing apart, I move to the peak of Inaba no Mt. The pine and shikaba now retreat” (Yukihira Ariwara)
406 “Amanohara If you look at the furisake, it will be Kasuga. It might be the moon that appears on the mountains of Mikasa.” (Nakamaro Abe)
407 “Watana-no-hara, Yasoshima-kake, Koki-denu, Boxwood for people, Sweet fishing boat” (Ono Takamura)
420 “This journey is worthless, Mt. Tamuke, the brocade of autumn leaves, the presence of the gods” (Michizane Sugawara)
393 "I'll leave it to the cherry blossoms in the mountains to say goodbye. The flowers are always there" (Yusen Hoshi)
401 ``Unlimited tears are flowing through my thoughts, drying my sleeves until the day I feel happy'' (Yomijin Shirazu)
402 “Kakurashi, Kotoha Furanamu, I will wear wet clothes on the spring rain and stop you” (Yomijin Shirazu)
403 ``The cherry blossoms that go on and on, stop people, and scatter until they get lost.'' (Yomijin Shirazu)

Learn the basics of waka poetry and try reciting it!

We are holding a "Utajuku" with the goal of learning from representative classical works and being able to compose traditional "Waka" on an individual basis!