In the evening, the autumn breeze in the fields makes you feel the quails chirping.The village of Fukakusa (Fujiwara Toshinari)

``In the evening, the autumn breeze in the fields hits me. Ah, the quail is chirping at the inn in Fukakusa.'' When people think of quails, the first thing they think of is eggs, and although their cries are not as loud as those of chickens, they are still quite loud. At first glance, it doesn't seem to match the mood of the song, but when you consider the background of the song, the quail's cry should be louder. Actually, Toshinari composed this poem as a later story of the 1023rd chapter of the Tale of Ise (Fukakusa)*. Therefore, it must be loud enough to hear the village that has become a field of deep grass after the man left, all the way to the distant capital.

*“If you are in the field, you become a quail and cry, and you are the hunter.” (The Tales of Ise, Chapter 123)

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