The sleeves are wet even if the fresh young greens are tied up and the sleeves are wet (Fujiwara Toshinari)

They are not young greens that grow in streams, but the more I spent my time picking them, the more my sleeves got wet. Which Jii-san is singing this? In fact, no matter who it was, it was Teika's father, Toshinari Fujiwara. Although it is a song that has been adopted from both ancient and modern times, it seems somehow unfashionable compared to my son's aesthetic songs. But Toshinari is right. It's not a cheap reason like an old man withering away. Toshinari dedicated his life to the revival of Kokinshu, and it is this simple scene and use of rhetoric that makes Kokinshu a modern style. However, even so, Wakana and aging are not compatible. By the way, there is a song in the Kokinshu that makes snow look like gray hair, which makes sense.

(One poem that turns every day)

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