"The Tale of Genji" translated book

This time, I would like to introduce a recommended translation of "The Tale of Genji."
You can only get so much out of comics and simple books that you can read in XX days.
Many people have published translations, so it's a good idea to quickly compare them and find one that suits your tastes in terms of writing style.

“Kiln Hen Genji Monogatari”

As the title suggests, it is not just a modern translation of the Tale of Genji, but is colored by the author, Mr. Hashimoto.
The author's unique and beautiful depictions of landscapes, which seem to complement the original work, are also appealing, but the most appealing thing about this book is that the story progresses through the narration of Hikaru Genji.
This allows us to naturally empathize with Hikaru Genji and the many characters who interact with him.
This is a major feature not found in other translations of The Tale of Genji. For those who have been disappointed with other books, I highly recommend "Kiln Hen Genji Monogatari".

Kiln Hen Tale of Genji〈1〉
Osamu Hashimoto

"The Tale of Genji (Chikuma Bunko)"

This is a translated version of The Tale of Genji, and the author's commentary is included in detail, making it interesting enough to read on its own.
The commentary on dirty jokes is especially powerful!

The Tale of Genji (Volume 1) Kiritsubo ~ Kenki (Chikuma Bunko)
Hikari Otsuka

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