[Waka Mania (36th)] Love song diary of a delusional girl (Koi Suspicious June volume)

A modern-day delusional girl turned love songs from the Kokinshu into a diary. Do you feel like there's going to be some kind of turmoil? The sadness of not being able to see each other when you want to see each other is only painful after you are tied together. The only one who understands that feeling is Hototogisu!

♪Waka that was introduced on the broadcast
499 ``I fall in love with you and pray for you'' (Yomito Shirazu)
578 “My little soul, the firefly, cries out at night without any time” (Toshiyuki Fujiwara)
641 “Hototokisu, dream, morning, wake up, farewell, the voice of the dawn” (Yomito Shirazu)

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