[Waka Mania (29th)] The real Hyakunin Isshu was 〇〇! ?

The image of Hyakunin Isshu is changed! ? The merits and demerits of Ariwara Narihira's super famous song "Chihayafuru". The real Hyakunin Isshu was not a gorgeous collection of poems, but a very sad collection of poems.

♪Waka that was introduced on the broadcast
``Shinohara of Ono in Asao, but he's too much of a human being.'' (Councillors, etc.)
``My love is hidden, but I go out of my way to ask questions about things and people.'' (Kanemori Taira)
``I believe that if I do my best, I will still be able to meet Naru Namba, who will be the same as I am now.'' (Prince Motoyoshi)
``It's winter in the mountain village, and it's so lonely when you think there's no one to see you, no grass to see.'' (Minamoto Sou Asaomi)

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