[Waka Mania (20th)] Love song diary of a delusional girl (February at the beginning of love)

新企画! イマドキ女子がつづる、恋の妄想日記。2月は恋の若葉も萌え出る。恋する女子の妄想は今も昔も変らない!

♪Waka that was introduced on the broadcast
478 “The fleeting grass that is cut through the snow in Kasugano and harvested fresh is visible” (Tadamine Mibu)
479 “Mountain cherry blossoms, the mist of mist, those who have seen even the faintest light are the ones who need it” (Ki Tsurayuki)
498 “I wonder if I will fall in love with the plum blossoms in my garden, or with the nightingales, as I should.” (Yomi Hitojiro)

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