Zekku Renga “Plum Blossom”

I would like to introduce the three-fold Zekku Renga that was completed at the "Kokin Denju and Tea Drinking Renga (Kisaragi no Kai)" event held on February 25th.
*``Zekku Renga'' is a renga format original to Wakasho, consisting of four haiku: ``ki'', ``jo'', ``ten'', and ``kei'', just like the zekku in Chinese poetry. The basic way of attaching and changing the song is the same as the spirit of renga, and it is easy to enjoy.
→“List of Zekku Renga works

Title: “Spring is not the spring of the past”

■Example: “Umeya Izuko”
Beginning: Plum blossoms are fragrant in spring.
Waki (Jo): Even the misty moon is hidden in the clouds.
Third (translation): The sound of a voice chirping in the morning
Yui (Yui): Leaving the nest on a new path

■Ichi-no-ori ``The eaves leaking moon-o-ri''
In the middle of the night, the scent of plum blossoms in the eaves
You can barely see the flowers
Awaken your dreams to the cozy spring bird
Again, I'm going to have fun with you

■Second fold “Ume no Irokano”
The shade of red and white plum blossoms
In the middle of the day in Ginza
The news of spring comes from somewhere
Look at the flowers and see the light

■Sannoori “Nihohi Kasuka”
A plum blossom blooms faintly on a spring night
Haruha Tahiara, the maiden of the raiding clothes
Kasumi Tatsu is excited by the way it is
Nightingale calls, sound the flute

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