Zekku Renga “Cold Flower”

I would like to introduce the three-fold Zekku Renga completed at the "Kokin Denju and Tea Drinking Renga (Kisaragi no Kai)" event held on March 25th.
*``Zekku Renga'' is a renga format original to Wakasho, consisting of four haiku: ``ki'', ``jo'', ``ten'', and ``kei'', just like the zekku in Chinese poetry. The basic way of attaching and changing the song is the same as the spirit of renga, and it is easy to enjoy.
→“List of Zekku Renga works

Title: “Cold Flower”

■Example: “Wet buds”
Origin: The longing for the buds to get wet in the long rain.
Waki (Jo): Tears spilling pale red sleeves
Third (turn): My heart is broken by the dance of Princess Saho
Yui (Yui): Flowers are blooming. Spring is coming.

■One occasion “Spring Day”
A spring day full of light under the sun
The remaining snow is far away, and the mountain cherry blossoms are blooming
I entered the inn, and a single hiragana remained on my clothes.
Relaxing impersonations when having fun

■Second edition “The day is snowy”
The sun is snowing, and I leave it to the momentum to bloom.
Tomorrow I'll cry to Haruno Urarani
Sumida River, taking a nap under the flower trees
Every day is a stream, spring is the dawn

■Three folds “Sakura Hana”
Sakura Hana is about to scatter
I hope it will become a dream in the night of Nubatama
I dance furiously and chase the shadow of the pheasant.
Nodoke-sama is Haruno Kasumi

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