Lesson.5-1 Try composing lines with surfaces


Here's the application of kana graphics. Instead of writing each line at the beginning of each line, try building the balance and composing it as you like. By the way, this is called "scattered writing".
The streamlines that used to flow vertically now begin to dance across the page. If you find it difficult to put together a composition, ask for guidance from colored paper works such as ``Sunshoan Shikishi''. I'm sure it will be of help to you. Creating streamlines and spaces will provide new inspiration for creativity.

(Written by Uchida Engaku, a poet)
“Kana Graffiti” Lesson List

Learn the basics of waka poetry and try reciting it!

We are holding a "Utajuku" with the goal of learning from representative classical works and being able to compose traditional "Waka" on an individual basis!