I want to know before cherry blossom viewing! ``How to praise and love cherry blossoms'' that will make you feel like an elegant person

Cherry blossoms almost monopolized the second half of spring (lower spring) in the imperial collection of waka poems, and they became the flower that symbolized Japan. As the blooming approaches, the forecast of a ``cherry blossom front'' will bring excitement to the living room, and once the flowers bloom, they will be proudly displayed not only at schools and tree-lined streets, but also in neighborhood parks and alleys. The cherry blossom is a flower that Japanese people have always had an unwavering attachment to throughout the ages.

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I'm sure everyone is looking forward to cherry blossom viewing every year.

By the way, how do you praise this cherry blossom? As mentioned earlier, it is a flower that is widely loved by the people and embodies the Japanese sense of beauty, so you can't just say, "Wow, it's beautiful!", right?

It is true that unlike flowers like plum blossoms, where we can appreciate the differences in characteristics depending on the variety, such as the beauty of red and white and fragrance, cherry blossoms are dominated by a clone (single origin species) called ``Somei Yoshino'', so it is difficult to praise them. variations may be lacking.

Therefore! This time, we will teach you five ways to compliment and love cherry blossoms that can be used during cherry blossom viewing♪
The source is, of course, our Kokin Wakashu.

First of all, as a general rule, please remain silent when the flowers are in full bloom. When I open my mouth, all I can say is "Wow, you're beautiful!" If you want to pretend to be an elegant person, it's time to start dispersing.

One way to love cherry blossoms: “Love them philosophically”

84 “On a spring day when the light of the distant sky is shining, the flowers fall without hesitation” (Tomonori Ki)
82 "If it's a cherry blossom that doesn't bloom, it won't bloom. I have no heart to look at it" (Ki Tsurayuki)

I wonder why the cherry blossoms are falling in such a hurry on such a calm spring day.
It doesn't matter if it doesn't bloom, as long as it upsets me like this...

How about. It feels like a mere falling flower has an incredibly deep meaning. Try muttering this with a very solemn look on your face. This is the completion of an intelligent and sophisticated person.

Sakura's Love Story Part 2: "Hate the Wind"

If you want to admire cherry blossoms more frankly, why not try ``Kaze wo Grudge''?

76 “I know who is the flower scattering wind, go teach me and hold a grudge” (Sose Hoshi)
109 ``The wooden Tahebaono sings here, putting the flowers scattered in the wind in the sauce'' (Sose Hoshi)

Where is this wind coming from? I'll go and give it a whack!
The flowers are going to fall because of your wind, and whose fault is it you guys!

The spring breeze invites falling flowers, and the more you get irritated by it, the more you can show off your love for cherry blossoms. But if cherry blossom viewing is a date, it's not a good idea to get too irritated.
In such a case, what should you do with this kind of love? The love story is ``get lost.''

Sakura's love story #3: "Getting lost"

115 “If you cross the mountainside of Yumiharu Azusa, the road will be covered with flowers.” (Ki Tsurayuki)
116 “When you pick young greens in the spring field, the path is confusing as the flowers fall” (Ki Tsuneyuki)

The flowers are scattered so much that I can't find my way home.
I was just going for a short walk, but I can't go home now.

It is a phrase that kills two birds with one stone, praising the beauty of falling flowers, and also seducing people into saying, "I won't go home today" or "I won't go home today." With this, your cherry blossom viewing date is sure to be a great success.

If you want a unique type of love, this is the one for you. ``I love it artistically.''

How to love cherry blossoms Part 4: “Admire them artistically”

89 “Cherry blossoms are falling and waves are flying in the waterless sky in the wake of the slippery wind” (Ki Tsurayuki)
114 “The heart that feels regret is stranded by a thread. I pull out each flower that falls and hold it in place.” (Sose Hoshi)

The afterimage of the wind scattering flowers looks like waves in the sky.
If I could twist my regretful heart into thread, I would pull out the falling flowers and hold them together.

Wow, that's cool! ! An ordinary person would never be able to express something like this. If you are not embarrassed, please try using it.

Finally, for those who want something simpler and more profound, how about this kind of love, ``The Realm of Mastery''?

How to love cherry blossoms, part 5, “The state of mastery”

71 “The cherry blossoms will fall forever, and the world will be filled with sadness” (Yomi Hitojiro)
97 “Every spring, the flowers are in full bloom, and looking at them is life-changing.” (Yomi Hitojiro)

Cherry blossoms, it's better to scatter without any remaining. There are so many difficult things in this world.
Being able to admire you is something that only exists in life.

Thoughtful words that make you feel as if you have realized life. It's something I'd like to try after I'm at least 60 years old.

Well, how was it? As I said at the beginning, the key is not to see cherry blossoms in full bloom, but to appreciate the beauty of falling flowers in a cool way. You can see that the Heian poets also put great effort into this.

*Apart from this song, there are almost no songs that praise the full bloom.
59 “White clouds seen from the mountain with cherry blossoms blooming and beautiful feet” (Ki Tsurayuki)

If you show off the love and praise methods introduced this time, everyone will recognize you as a top class person!
Here we go! Let's go to cherry blossom viewing this year too♪

(Written by Uchida Engaku, a poet)

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