“A delusional girl’s love song diary” ~ Koishinobu May volume ~

●May 1st
Ah, it's so troublesome
Even though he and I are so in love, those cronies...
Isn't this a threat, "Don't come any closer to him!"?

There's no way we would succumb to something like that.
I don't want it to be a hassle.
After all, we decided to start dating in secret.
That's why I never tell anyone about him.

But you know. When I remember it, it's not the rock azalea on Tokiwa Mountain.
I miss you even more because you don't say it.

495 ``The azalea of the mountain of time, the one that I miss, the one I miss'' (Yomito Shirazu)

●May 23rd
Even though it's already summer
Our secret love remains smoldering

How long do I have to think about it in silence?
This is not a summer mosquito fire.

It's hard for him to be popular.
Oh, got it? I was a little proud (lol)

500 ``When it's summer, the mosquitoes that swell in the inn will cause my body to burn.'' (Yomijin Shirazu)

●May 29th
After I decided to keep it a secret
I feel like it's getting even more painful...

After all, we sometimes pass each other at school.
It's so obvious that I have to ignore it.
I wonder if he's okay?

I'm in pain and embarrassed
Like a final flower
I think his face turns bright red.

496 ``When I think about it without knowing anyone, it hurts, and I can see the color of the red sweet flower.'' (Yomijin Shirazu)

to be continued…
(Written by Uchida Engaku, a poet)

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