“A delusional girl’s love song diary” ~ Koi Izayofu September volume ~

●September 16th (tomorrow ~ Yufu)
Under the Ariake moon, he
"I'll come tonight too!"
After we broke up, from the moment we broke up,
I miss him and miss him
I found myself crying

It's already evening
Higurashi is chirping

I'll see you soon, right?

771 “I say goodbye now, and from the morning I can hear the sounds of my thoughts.” (Sōjo Hensho)

●September 16th (Yomosugara)
Autumn nights are strange.

The night with him passed by in the blink of an eye.
I think there are a lot of names like ``Autumn Yolong''.

The nights I was away from him felt really long.
I'm impressed by the phrase ``long autumn nights.''

But this time, the problem isn't with Autumn night, it's with him.
I knew?

Actually, I just found out
He hasn't come yet, tonight I'm waiting for him
It feels hopelessly long, like time has stopped.

636 “For a long time, I have been thinking about the autumn nights from people I have met” (Bonkouchi Mitsune)

●September 17th (Akebono)
"I'm going now, I'm going now"
Even though you replied many times.

I believed and waited all night
Even in this hopeless time, it's still moving
The same Ariake moon as yesterday is floating in the western sky.

I wasn't really waiting for you.
So please look kindly on me and don't look at me in my misery!

691 “If I come now, I wonder if I will catch Nagatsuki’s Ariake moon in waiting.” (Sose Hoshi)

to be continued…
(Written by Uchida Engaku, a poet)

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