Utajuku Monthly Poetry Meeting (September 2021) Titles “Risshu” and “Moon”

Utajuku is a school for learning ``modern classical Japanese poetry.'' We look up to the Kokin Wakashu, the first imperial anthology, and refine our studies every day, and once a month we compose poems for each other based on a specific theme.

In September 2021, the following essays were received. I would like to introduce some excerpts.

Title: “Rise of Autumn”

``At some point, I'll sleep alone tonight, suffocated by the endless autumn wind.''
``Because of the ever-fading color of the morning, the sound of pine beetles as they fall.''
“Autumn flowers blooming in the fields, swaying in the evening breeze and giving off a cool breeze.”
``After the fidgets scatter, the autumn breeze blows, and the cotton lanterns fly by.''
“When autumn comes, a love memento blooms in the cold wind.”
“I guess I’ll wait even when it rains, but I’ll be soaking wet in a one-sided inn.”
“A lone cicada with no direction, shining brightly on an autumn night.”
``Even if the autumn rain flies, I will wait for the short life of Higurashi to cry.''

Title: “Moon”

"Ariake moon in the sky looking up at the path of clover bushes as I walk through the sounds of insects"
“Write a sentence that relies on the mellow light of the moon in the autumn night sky.”
``If I listen to the sounds of insects in the evening, I wonder if I can see the fields in the shadow of the moon.''

*There are many beginners at the singing school. Waka is not a distant classical culture; it is a literary art that can be thoroughly enjoyed even in modern times. Let's ``write,'' ``recite,'' and ``play'' classical Japanese poetry with us. Everyone, please feel free to join us.

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