Procedures for “admission/membership registration”, “lecture reservation”, and “withdrawal”

We will introduce the various procedures for "Utajuku".

1. Enrollment (member registration)2.Lecture reservation3. Withdrawal

■1. Admission to the school/membership (member registration)

1-① Access the member registration page

1-② Enter registration information

Please register using the "Gmail" or email address you already use. You will also be required to register your password, name, location, and "pen name". *Can be changed

1-③ Plan selection

Please select the plan ('Uta School', 'Akane Uta Kai' or both ('Uta Juku' & 'Akane Uta Kai').

1-④ Registration of payment (credit card) information

Payment method is credit card only. Payment will continue every month unless you cancel your membership.

1-⑤ Confirm registration details

1-⑥ Authentication and registration completed by email

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you registered. Click the URL in the text to complete registration authentication.

■2.Lecture reservation

*Reservations for lectures are based on the prerequisite that you are enrolled in the school (registered as a member).

2-① Access the lecture calendar

2-② Lecture selection

Please select the lecture (1 class) you wish to attend. *You can reserve lectures up to one month in advance.

2-③ Lecture confirmation

2-④ Member login (*Important)

*Member login is required in advance to reserve a lecture.

Please log in using your registered email address and password.

2-⑤ Confirmation of reservation

Your reservation will be confirmed.


3-① Access member page

3-② Member login

Please log in using your registered email address and password.

3-③ Select “Withdrawal”

From the menu on the member page, select "Plan settings" and then "Plan cancellation (withdrawal)" or "Withdrawal."

3-④ Send withdrawal confirmation email

An email confirming your cancellation will be sent to your registered email address.

Please click the URL in the text of the cancellation confirmation email you received.

3-⑤ Confirmation of withdrawal

Once you enter your registered password, your withdrawal will be confirmed.

3-⑥ Withdrawal completed