When it rains, the maple leaves of Mt. Kasatori shine on the sleeves of people passing by (Mibu Tadami)

Mt. Kasatori is Uji's song pillow, but it is low in elevation and hidden behind the surrounding mountains, making it inconspicuous. The reason why it is written about in songs is in the name. ``When it rains, the autumn leaves of Mt. Kasatori shine even on the sleeves of people passing by.'' Before interpreting the song, let me tell you the premise. I briefly talked about ``Sigure (autumn rain)'' yesterday, and the basic rule of waka poetry is that this causes the ``autumn leaves to change color''. Therefore, today's poem is interpreted as Mt. Kasatori, where the rain that dyes the autumn leaves falls, and as the name suggests, people passing by take off their hats, and even their sleeves become dyed like the autumn leaves. The feeling of pleasure in the songs of the Kokinshu is exactly the same as that of solving a puzzle.

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