What is the meaning of composing waka in modern times?

In recent years, there has been a "Reiwa tanka boom." One article stated, ``More and more young people are composing their own songs using pop words and posting them on SNS.'' However, this is just a ``Tanka'', and ``Waka'' remains the same as ``The unknown things of the buried tree...''

Three evening songs ~Top 3 autumn sunsets~

Don't you think there are many famous autumn songs that touch your heart? Personally, when I hear nursery rhymes such as ``Makkana Autumn'' and ``Autumn Leaves,'' I am struck by a strong sense of sadness, as it also brings back memories from my childhood. In fact, many of these famous autumn songs have something in common. All of them are "Autumn evening...

A squid song that tastes as good as a chrysanthemum (listening)

By the way, do you know the "surume song"? It means that the more you listen to a song, the more you enjoy it. There are such songs in Japanese poetry as well. This is a song about ``Chrysanthemum'' that you must listen to. Flowers that are basically sung in waka, such as ``cherry blossoms'' in spring and ``hagi'' in autumn, are said to change...

How to feel the “autumn breeze” to know about autumn

In the classical literary sense of the seasons, it was the Japanese warbler that signaled the coming of spring, and the Japanese warbler that signaled the arrival of summer. So what do we know about “autumn”? →Related article: “Ayashii relationship between plum and nightingale” →Related article: “Hototogisu” is found in Kokin Wakashu. What is that?

Don't look! ? The real mid-autumn harvest moon

When you think of autumn, you think of ``moon viewing.'' The moon that falls on the fifteenth night of the eighth month in the lunar calendar is hailed as the "Harvest Moon of Mid-Autumn" and has been loved by Japanese people since ancient times. However, you need to be a little careful about how you enjoy this "moon viewing." When will the Harvest Moon be this year? If you look it up...

Learn the differences between Manyoshu, Kokin Wakashu, and Shin Kokin Wakashu with “Tanabata Song”

Japan's traditional events have been overtaken by Western events such as Halloween and Christmas, but Tanabata has remained deeply popular from the Nara period to the present day. → Related article "Tanabata legend and romantic love songs" Songs related to Tanabata are found in the oldest collection of poems "Manyo...

Differences between Manyoshu, Kokin Wakashu, and Shin Kokin Wakashu based on “The Beatles”

The style of waka poetry is often roughly divided into three types: ``Manyo style'', ``Kokin style'', and ``Shin Kokon style''. These three collections, ``Manyoshu,'' ``Kokin Wakashu,'' and ``Shin Kokin Wakashu,'' are called the ``Three Great Collections'' of waka, and are considered particularly important among the many waka collections.

Learn about cherry blossoms and the Japanese spirit through waka poetry

From the Manyo era to the present, cherry blossoms have been loved by the Japanese as a special flower. →Related article: "When did cherry blossoms become the flower of Japan?" However, the way they are loved differs depending on the era. Nowadays, flowers are used for parties under flowers and for graduations, entrance ceremonies, etc.