Live commentary! Rokuhyaku Utaai “Athletes Entrance” ~Shunsai Tsutsu~

In the 5th year of Kenkyu (1194), a historic song concert was held, hosted by Sadaisho Yoshitsune. This is what is known in the world as the ``600 song group''. This is an attempt to provide a live commentary of the event in a fun way, with commentary from Waka DJ Ucchi.

Commentary: Now, the first person to enter from the red corner is the wife.
DJ: Is that okay?
Commentary: What's up, Waka DJ Ucchii, explaining the commentary?
DJ: Since it's not professional wrestling, could you put it in the "left corner" instead of the red corner, just to be sure?
Commentary: I see. There's no sense of playfulness, DJ... 

Commentary: After I regained my composure, the first player who entered the scene was called ``Wife,'' but she looks like a man. Is this some sort of disguise?
DJ: Kohon... The wife is the organizer of this song match, ``Fujiwara Yoshitsune.'' Great people gain virtue by humbling themselves in this way.

Commentary: Hmm, okay. Well, I'm excited to enter. Fujiwara Kitsune, Kanemune, Ariie, and even the young Sadaie! And last but not least is Akiaki, a monk who is quite impressive. DJ, how do you feel about today's starting lineup?
DJ: First of all, please refrain from making it look like a sports commentary. Admission is in order of rank. In order of greatness, the last one is the priest.
DJ: Of note is Fujiwara Suitsune, who is the son of Kensuke Fujiwara and is a major figure who took over the Rokujo family of singers after his older brother Kiyosuke passed away. At that time, Teika had almost no authority or track record.

DJ: Generally speaking, Rokuhyaku Utaai is said to be an all-out war of songs between the Rokujo family, including Kitsune, and the Mikosa family, including Teika, right? However, I think it is wrong to view the number 600 in such a simple way. It is true that there are some interpretations that can be interpreted that way, but basically this poem is a grand experiment designed by a young genius poet named Yoshitsune Fujiwara to explore a new path in the literary art of waka.
Commentary: Hmmmm.

DJ: Would you like one more? Many people say that as a result of the 600-ban poetry gathering, the Mikosa family became dominant in the imperial court poetry, and that it suddenly became connected to the new and ancient forms, but this is also wrong. It still takes more than 10 years from the Rokuhyaku Utaai to the establishment of the new era, and even this grand event is just one passing point. Look at the poems written by Teika; you can hardly find the beauty of old and new sentiments. It can be said that only Yoshitsune is aware of this possibility. That's why Yoshitsune planned and sponsored this poetry gathering. Well, let's talk about the details from now on by looking at each turn and reading.
Commentary: You talked for a long time.

Commentary: Now, the next thing that appeared was... Ao, from the right, Fujiwara Iefusa, Tsuneie, Takanobu, Ietaka, Nobusada, and Jakuren!
Live commentary: Huh! ? Ietaka and Jakuren are members of the Mikosa family, right? Why isn't he on the same left side as Teika?
DJ: Yes, I've said it many times, but this song match is not "Rokujo family vs. Mikosa family." Therefore, there are poets from both families on the left and right, and there are also poets from other families.

DJ: Let me explain in more detail. Among those on the left, the Rokujo family includes Fujiwara no Tsuetsune, Ariie, and Akiaki, and the Mikosa family includes only Sadaie. On the right, the Rokujo family is Fujiwara Tsuneie, and the Mikosa family are Takanobu, Ietaka, and Jakuren. How about? The Rokujo family has a higher rank in terms of overall fighting power.
DJ: Well, in any case, please remember the names of the left and right, as they will be important in the future.

Commentary: Lastly, it's not the old man standing in the center of the ring, but the referee...
DJ: Toshinari Fujiwara, the judge. By the way, he was 81 years old at the time.
Live commentary: You seem to be quite old, but is it okay?
DJ: No, I don't want people to underestimate me. Toshinari played a major role in compiling the ``Senzai Wakashu'' six years ago. He has established a position in the singing world, and in fact, this is the time when he has matured and matured.
Commentary: I see, the famous quote ``Genji's unseen poetry is a matter of grudge'' was also based on this poem.

Commentary: Well, the actors for the Rokuhyaku Utaai have finally been assembled. Let's take a look at the showdown from the beginning.

to be continued…

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(Writer/Commentary: Waka DJ Ucchi)

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