“A delusional girl’s love song diary” ~Koi Akugaluru August volume~

●August 7th
It's already been half a year since I met him.

love at first sight
I've longed for you from afar
I never thought we'd end up dating.

What's strange is how excited I was back then
That it's still going on

I heard his voice for the first time
It's still in my ears

just remembering
I can't do anything

481 “When I hear the fleeting voice of the first wild goose, I wonder if I will think of things only in the sky” (Bonkouchi Mitsune)

●August 10th
Especially when? Isn't that what you mean?
Don't be slow! I might get angry.
I'm thinking about him all the time

I wonder if it's dangerous! ?

I'm so crazy in love
Maybe it's because of the autumn dusk.

546 "I don't know when I'll miss you so much, but autumn evenings are so sweet" (Yomi Hitojiro)

●August 10th
Ah, already!
Why do I have to hide it! ?

Even though we get along fine
This the absolute funny

Like a flower bush sprouting ears
Even I keep my feelings hidden forever
I can't fall in love so hard!

549 ``I'm a stranger to people, I'm Ayana, Hana Susuki, and others come out on the ears, and Koizushi is also aramu'' (Yomi Hitozairasu)

to be continued…
(Written by Uchida Engaku, a poet)

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