[Waka Mania (48th)] Autumn support player “Tsu”!

This time's theme is "Dew"! Although dew is only an accessory to the main characters of autumn (autumn leaves and Japanese bush clovers), it is an essential presence in the song. Let us introduce you to the beauty of dew, which can also be used as jewelry. There are also some interesting stories about Mr. Kichizo who is taking on the Kimono Life Challenge.

♪Waka that was introduced on the broadcast
222 ``The dew on a bush clover, if you remove it from a bead, it will not go away.Those who look carefully should look at it from the branch.'' (Yomijin Shirazu)
223 “If you fold it, the white dew on the branches of the autumn clover will never fall” (Yomijin Shirazu)
27 “A spring willow that is stranded with light green threads and sheds white dew like beads” (Sōjo Hensho)
225 “The white dew in the autumn field is like a spider thread that pierces through” (Tomoyasu Bunya)
257 “How does one color of white dew dye the leaves of autumn trees in thousands of colors?” (Toshiyuki Fujiwara)
258 “The dew of an autumn night stains the fields with the tears of wild geese” (Mibu Tadamine)
574 “Even on Yumeji, there is dew and I don’t know if the sleeves that go through it are so cold” (Ki Tsurayuki)
589 “Place your heart in a flower without dew, and every time the wind blows, you are struck by thoughts” (Ki Tsurayuki)
757 “The white dew that comes in autumn is like the drops on my pillow that wake me up.” (Yomito Shirazu)

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