Biography of Hyakunin Isshu Poets (Narihira, Teika and Saigyo...Let's learn about the interesting stories and representative songs of 20 popular poets!)

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A book has been published by Reiwa Kadokoro. It's called "The Biographies of Hyakunin Isshu Poets"!
Hyakunin Isshu is not about singing, but about ``enjoying the poet.'' Please learn about the interesting stories and representative songs of 20 carefully selected poets.
If you read this, you will feel much closer to the poets who were ``unidentified old men from a long time ago''.
After you finish reading this book, please look at Hyakunin Isshu again from the beginning.
The historical picture scroll of the dynasty is unraveled, and the boring 100 poems come to life, and you will definitely find it interesting.

【table of contents】
・Gon Chunagon Teika (Fujiwara Teika) "Angry genius office worker"
・Kamakura Minister of the Right (Minamoto no Sanetomo) "The spoiled general barks at the sea of Kamakura"
・Asaomi Ariwara Narihira (Ariwara Narihira) “A playboy who continues to be loved”
・Izumi Shikibu “Heian Jenne who is straight in love”
・Ki Tsurayuki “Large flowers bloomed by weeds”
・Bonkouchi Mitsuko “The true value of a beautiful second place”
・Hoshi Saigyo “It’s hard to become a monk, Futen poet”
・Ono Komachi “The roots of the Japanese view of love”
・Asaomi Minamoto no Toshiyori “Break the feeling of stagnation! A lonely challenger”
- Princess Shikiko "Queen of impressionism who freely manipulates color and light"
# Column 1 Hyakunin Isshu is a “story of the rise and fall of a dynasty”!
・Gotobain "What's yours is mine, a medieval giant"
・Sugaya (Michizane Sugawara) “The Lips of Tragedy Blow In A Silent Way”
・Sutokuin “Somewhere other than here”
・Sei Shonagon "The original! The lovely daily life of a highly conscious office lady"
・Kakimoto Hitomaro “Everyone’s admired saint ☆ poet”
・Gon Chunagon Atsutada (Fujiwara Atsutada) "Forbidden and Ruin, Romeo and Juliet of the Heian Period"
・Chunagon Iemochi (Otomo Iemochi) “Let it flow. Manyo Ocean Tea for a family without a home”
・Former Grand Minister of Regency Gokyogoku (Yoshitsune Kujo) “Loneliness played by a genius nobleman”
・Ise “Onna Tsuyuki’s Cold Mask”
・Noin Hoshi “The original traveling poet’s no, indoor declaration!”
・Empress Dowager Toshinari (Fujiwara Toshinari) "Godfather of Waka Poetry"
# Column 2 Hyakunin Isshu is a “collection of poems for old men”!


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