“Rule book for enjoying the four seasons” ~ Learn the basics of Japanese culture through ancient and modern waka collections ~

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I often hear people say, ``Japan has wonderful four seasons!''
So, are you all enjoying these four wonderful seasons?
I think most people just enjoy cherry blossom viewing in the spring and autumn leaves viewing in the fall.
However, Japan's four seasons are actually much more diverse and can be experienced more deeply.
I can only say that it's a waste to be satisfied with that.

There's a reason why you can't fully experience Japan's four seasons.
This is because they don't know the rules for appreciating the four seasons and, ultimately, Japanese culture.
And this rulebook is none other than the Kokin Wakashu.

This book focuses on the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter) of the Kokin Wakashu and provides easy-to-understand explanations.
We hope that you will take a look at this and learn the ``basic rules'' for enjoying Japan's four seasons.

【table of contents】
・Plum Part 1 “Harmony felt by all five senses”
・Plum Part 2 “A sweet relationship with a nightingale”
・Cherry blossoms Part 1: “When did cherry blossoms become the flower of Japan?”
・Cherry blossoms Part 2 “How to love cherry blossoms”
・Koreharu (Sangatsu Jin) “Stop the season! Spring is coming and summer is coming”

・Hototogisu “Summer Heavy Rotation”
・Iris, purple grass “Early summer purple haze”
・Hanatachibana “Switch of Reminiscence”
・Rain Part 1 “If you sing in the rain ~Shigin・in the rain~”
・Rain Part 2 “The four seasons of rain and their colors”

・Autumn breeze “Knowing the coming of autumn through the wind”
・Tanabata “Differences between three generations of Japanese poetry through Tanabata songs”
・Moon "Don't look at it! The real Harvest Moon"
・Mushi “Sopranista who sings sadness”
・Geese "American comics are also pure blue!?Geese's special ability"
・Twilight “Song of Three Evenings ~Best 3 Autumn Dusk~”
・Autumn Nanakusa “Learn by singing ♪ Autumn Nanakusa”
・Ogi, Hagi, Usuki “Autumn grass brings havoc”
・Joroka “It’s perfect, Joroka”
・Rui “Waka’s support player”
・Chrysanthemum “Squirrel song that tastes better the more you listen to it”
・Autumn Leaves Part 1 “Admiring the maple leaves”
・Autumn leaves part 2 “Look for the Tatsuta River in Kanto!”

・Yanagi “Yanagi in November!? Solving the mystery of Hanafuda with an anthology of ancient and modern Japanese poetry”
・Snow “A crystal of beauty, is white snow beautiful?”
・Winter Moon "The wonder of the moon. The moon is beautiful in winter."

・New Year's cards "Waka poems recommended for New Year's cards"
・Opening of the year “The beginning of Japanese beauty and the seriousness of Tsurayuki”
・Kimono and Waka Poetry “The sleeves say as much as the mouth”
・Emperor and Waka “Emperor’s song you should know on National Foundation Day”
・Antabi, Separation “A song to accompany farewell and departure”
・Kaka “Japanese birthday song”
・Calendar and waka “How to enjoy the calendar”


Learn the basics of waka poetry and try reciting it!

We are holding a "Utajuku" with the goal of learning from representative classical works and being able to compose traditional "Waka" on an individual basis!