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Composing, evaluating, and passing on living waka poems

At Reiwa Kadokoro, we hold a "Utakai" once a month.

The songs you compose are basically title poems. Each month has themes such as seasonal scenery such as ``Flowers'' and ``Moon,'' and songs about love such as ``Shinobu'' and ``Wait.''
At the poetry gathering, everyone's songs will be performed anonymously, and we will receive free and lively critiques from participating poets as well as teachers who have been familiar with waka for many years.

In fact, Akane Utakai is probably the only society in modern Japan that can compose and evaluate authentic waka. There are many poetry societies in the world, but they are so-called ``modern tanka'' societies, and they do not have an aesthetic sense for waka.

By all means, let's improve our singing skills by reciting traditional "Waka" at this Akane Utakai.

By the way, the name of the song party is "Akane Uta Party." This is because the true purpose of this group is to ``collect'' modern Japanese poetry.
At Reiwa Kasho, we aim to inherit ancient waka poetry and compile a collection of poems suitable for the Reiwa era. We exclude the songs that were included in the collection of twenty-three generations, but just as a bird in the air escapes a net, and a fish living in water escapes a fishing hook... We collect excellent songs that have been left out of the collection, and we We will create a new anthology of waka by combining them with the Reiwa waka that we have composed. First of all, I would like to compile a collection of poems that will live up to the standards of ancient times and that will be passed down to future generations for a long time, with the goal of completing 100 volumes.

*Professor Fittrell Aaron, a lecturer on Japanese classical literature at Waseda University, will be participating in this meeting. We will provide you with professional criticism of the poems you have composed (the teacher may be absent) and supervision for the selection of a collection of poems based on poetics.

Now, if you are like me and want to compose waka and pass it on, if you want to get your own songs evaluated, or if you want to interact with other poets, please feel free to come to the Akane Utakai. I would appreciate it if you could participate.

(Song monk Engaku Uchida)

→“What is the meaning of composing waka in modern times?

→“monthly song meeting
→“poetry contest
→“Eikusa for all participants

A word from the lecturer

Anyone can participate in the Akane Utakai at any time. I hope that those who have been composing modern tanka up until now, and even those who are beginners, can hone their singing skills through the comments of their seniors while reciting the poems.
If you would like to learn the basics of waka, rather than learning from commercially available books, I recommend that you take advantage of the ``Uta Juku'' that I also hold.

→ 『』Let's learn the forms (basics) of waka and try reciting it!

The singing session will be held in a hybrid format of online and face-to-face. The meeting venue will be the Ichida Residence (a nationally registered tangible cultural property) in Ueno, Taito Ward. Immerse yourself in the world of waka at a venue filled with excitement.

By the way, the current number of participants is over 30 people, and about half of them are participating in the real-time lecture (ZOOM). We have a homely atmosphere, so please feel free to join us.Visitplease.

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Contents and tips for singing sessions

Date and time: 3rd Sunday of every month from 10am (approximately 90 minutes)

Venue: Online (ZOOM) & Face-to-face (Ueno Ichida Residence)

・Venue: Taito-ku Ueno “Ichida House” (http://taireki.com/ichidatei2/)
・Address: 1-6-2 Ueno Sakuragi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
*The Ichida residence is a nationally registered tangible cultural property.
*Online (ZOOM) address will be notified after you apply.

Membership fee

1,900 yen (tax included)/month
*Only payment by credit card is supported.
*Tuition fees will be paid two weeks after enrollment (membership registration), and will continue to be paid automatically every month until canceled (cancellation can be done at any time from the membership site).

“Utajuku” Learn the basics of waka and try reciting it!It is possible to attend and participate at the same time. If you are interested, please select ``Uta Juku'' & ``Akane Uta Kai'' under ``Member Plan.''
The cost will be 3,800 yen.

Flow of the singing party

  1. We will inform you of the song title in advance. In addition to ``Four Seasons,'' we will present works modeled after imperial collections such as ``Koi'' and ``Entabi.''
  2. Please compose at least one song per topic (my goal is to compose at least 50 songs and 50 songs a year).
  3. At the poetry gathering, the singer's name will be kept secret and the song will be performed for the audience. We will receive valuable critiques from teachers and senior poets who have been familiar with waka for many years, as well as honest impressions from participating poets.
  4. The meeting is being recorded. We will share it with you later, so please use it for review purposes.

*We plan to distribute a simple collection of songs (electronic version) that briefly compiles your songs once every quarter (spring, summer, fall, winter).

About the title (first term: ~ October 2020)

We are planning the following 50 topics.
・Spring [first spring, young greens, plum, cherry blossoms, end of March]
・Summer [Kai, Satsuki Ame, Kakuko, Tachibana, Hotaru]
・Autumn [first autumn, Japanese clover, wild goose, chrysanthemum, autumn leaves]
・Winter [early winter, plover, frost, snow, New Year's Eve]
・Love [first love, ninja love, unfortunate love, first meeting love, later morning love, love at first sight, love without meeting, long love, grudge, old love]
・Yorime [Yorizuki love, Yorukusa love, Yorumi love, Yoritori love, Yoromesho love]
・Miscellaneous [Tabi, Jingi, Shakyo, Haikai, Reminiscence] x 3


*Although the copyright of the songs you compose at the "Akane Utakai" is yours, we give you permission to post them free of charge on this website and our "Uta Collection". If you wish to refuse publication, please let us know in advance.

*The pseudonym will be listed in poetry collections, etc., so if you do not have one, please choose one (you can register on the member page)

*The goal is to compose 50 or more poems throughout the year (not required).

*If you are unable to attend the in-person or online singing session in real time due to your schedule, we will share the recorded video after the lecture, so you can critique your own singing and listen to everyone's chants.


Poet monk Engaku Uchida (Shinshu monk)

Reiwa Kadokoro Yomin (Click here for details),draft poem(Utajuku Poetry Society), Kana calligraphy works (Kana graphics)

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*""Let's learn the forms (basics) of waka and try reciting it!” You can participate at the same time. If you are interested, please select ``Uta Juku'' & ``Akane Uta Kai'' under ``Member Plan.'' The cost will be 3,800 yen.

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